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Unlocking the mystery of Leasehold

 Friendly & Reliable Leasehold Property Advice

Our founder, KC, established Leasedbykc to revolutionise the leasehold sector, driven by firsthand frustrations encountered while working as a residential block property manager. With over five years of dedicated experience in the property sector, KC's mission is to reshape the leasehold management experience.

KC's distinguished tenure with leading property managing agents endows her with unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of leasehold management.

With a deep understanding gained from managing property portfolios housing thousands of leaseholders, Leasedbykc is committed to bridging the gap between leaseholders and managing agents through accessible expertise and personalised 1-1 services. Our goal is to save you time and money while prioritising your well-being and empowering you with valuable knowledge about your largest financial investment.

Furthermore, we collaborate with prop-tech providers to modernise leasehold practices, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Experience peace of mind and confidence within your home with Leasedbykc.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a more informed and enlightened leasehold community.

Amanda John, London

Leasedbykc did an excellent job helping me, As I wasn't being listened to by my housing provider, regarding the lifts. Being a wheelchair user, I rely on the lifts as both were out of service. You contacted my managing agent on my behalf and then suddenly one of the lifts were fixed. If it wasn't for leasedbykc, I very much doubt that any of the lifts would have been fixed, I'm so grateful for all the help, support and advice that you gave me!
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